What is EZeeघर ?

Easy to install and lightweight, container based construction makes prefabricated modular buildings highly desirable, and serves as an effective alternative to conventional construction methods. We create perfect construction layouts with the highest industry standards and offer unique solutions to vast customer requirements. Prefabricated modular solutions offer off-site construction and a hassle free installation with great augmentation possibilities.

Advantages of EZeeघर


The core structure is constructed from high strength steel of various grades and are provided with composite insulation panels for durable facets.

Augmentation or exclusion of sections leads to easy design modifications and suits a vast variety of fabrication and construction styles.

The main advantages are:

• Prefab modular structures are lightweight construction.
• These structures are durable and have a long service span.
• The facets can be enveloped in PUF / EPS sandwich panels.
• Use of new technology and products have good thermal insulation and saves energy.

Uses of EZeeघर

Less weight and vast flexibility make the modular structures best suited for construction sites, relief camps, schools, labour camps, tourist resorts, clinics, Armed forces, High altitude living and many more applications.

Our EZeeघर buildings may be used for temporary or long-term facilities and are great alternatives to wood and concrete structures; and are dry, lightweight and modular construction.

Low waste generation and fully recyclable prefab EZeeघर solutions offers best alternative accommodations.

Rising Japan Infra Private Limited

Rising Japan Infra Pvt. Ltd. is the Indian venture of Rising Hongfa Group. The company has taken the lead in investing in India under the Make-in-India program of the Government of India, and is currently doing the 1,024 apartments “Light House Project, Indore” of the GHTC-PMAY-LHP program.

Rising Japan Infra Site

About Rising

Rising Hongfa Group is an integrated science and technology enterprise with a state of art production and research center doing pioneering work in construction technologies, development, machinery manufacturing, and produce new building materials to utilize the same in relative fields. We develop technology and products using alternative raw materials in industrial and construction related products which have carbon-negative footprint. These products have also further contributed to the environment protection by replacing traditional products.

Our building materials and technologies are not only economical and durable, but also save water and reduce pollution. More than 750 plants of different types and technologies which are produced by us, are working all over the world. All our products have been classified as ‘Zero Toxic’ and as ‘Green Products’ earning us lots good will and satisfaction.

With an annual turnover of over US$ 200 million, the Rising Hongfa Group has multiple factories, having a consolidated manufacturing footprint of over 440,000 sqm. Our products reach more than 60 countries; across 5 continents of Asia, North & South America, Europe and Africa. Rising Hongfa Group, with its vast international experience in developing, manufacturing, installation and project-management expertise also jointly‑invest under various programs and schemes of Governments in different countries.

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